Christmas Day baby joy for couple

Finley Logan Burnham, who was born on Christmas Day.
Finley Logan Burnham, who was born on Christmas Day.

Meet Finley Logan Burnham, son of Morpeth residents Ian and Jocelyn Burnham.

He was due on January 12, but he arrived 18 days early to be among the babies born on Christmas Day at The Northumbria hospital near Cramlington.

It was a straightforward, natural water-birth and his parents, who live in the Stobhill area of the town, are delighted that they now have a brother for their 14-month-old daughter Neve, although they admit they will need to have a good think about how to manage the giving of presents in the years ahead.

Jocelyn also said: “I was hoping to put my feet up during Christmas, but when I sat down to have some food on Christmas Eve, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

“I tried to ignore it, but I then started getting regular contractions and when we called the hospital, we were told to go along. We arrived at about 9.30pm and it was confirmed that the active labour process had begun.

“We kept an eye on the clock and Finley decided to hold on enough to be a Christmas Day baby as he was born at 12.27am.

“Despite the due date, I had a funny feeling he was going to be born during Christmas week and it was obviously meant to be that he arrived on Christmas Day.”