CHRISTMAS: Thank you for your donations

A group of Lions Club members have just attended Morpeth Rugby Club's annual fireworks display together with many hundreds of local residents.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 07:55 am
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 07:59 am

What a spectacular event it was; helped by dry and relatively warm weather. It was a credit to all involved at the Rugby Club in organising it and a particular joy to the young children who went home happy and excited.

In praising the Rugby Club for providing this spectacle, I would also like to thank them for again allowing Morpeth Lions Club to hold a public collection as people were leaving the grounds.

This year, the money raised will again assist with our Christmas activities. These include Meet the Lions, which provides tea and entertainment for up to 120 local elderly and disabled people; food parcels for many local needy or lonely individuals and families and also parcels of Christmas presents for children who otherwise would receive little or nothing.

The cost of these activities is usually over £4,000 and the magnificent collection will greatly assist our efforts.

As ever, we are reliant on the generosity of the public and cooperation from numerous friendly contacts. The people of Morpeth have always been very supportive. With their help we hope to provide a happy Christmas for many who could be considered less fortunate.

Richard Nash

President. Morpeth Lions