CHURCH: Ministry is in safe hands

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We were pleased to see that Robert Pollard is concerned about the future of ministry at St George’s United Reformed Church, (Morpeth Herald, August 17).

It is evidence of the major contribution the Rev Ron Forster made to the life of the town in his time here.

However, Mr Pollard need have no concern over the process of finding his successor.

It is normal practice in the URC for there to be a period of reflection after the end of one ministry and before someone new is called by the local congregation to take up the position.

This vacancy period is an opportunity for the church to review its life and mission and to determine the future scope of the ministry of the person (eventually) invited.

We can reassure him that the church will have support in the interim from its own lay leadership among the elders and lay preachers, and from retired ministers in its membership.

It can also depend on the support of the Northern Synod of the URC and of partners in the South East Northumberland Ecumenical Area.

Many church members are actively involved in the local community; their commitment to and concern for the town will continue during the vacancy and beyond.

It is surely a reflection on Ron’s outstanding ministry in church and town that the folk of Morpeth have such an interest in St George’s future.

The Elders

St George’s URC