Clean sweep for Tories in Morpeth

From left, Coun John Beynon, Coun David Bawn and Coun Richard Wearmouth.
From left, Coun John Beynon, Coun David Bawn and Coun Richard Wearmouth.

Morpeth has turned blue when it comes to county council representation following the election.

And it got even better for the Conservative contingent at Wentworth Leisure Centre when their candidate David Towns was announced as the winner of the Pegswood seat in a tight contest.

Coun David Towns.

Coun David Towns.

Richard Wearmouth became a county councillor for the first time following his success in the Morpeth Kirkhill ward.

He received 1,228 votes. The votes for the previous ward councillor, Liberal Democrat Andrew Tebbutt, and Labour’s Adrian Slassor were 765 and 233 respectively.

Coun Wearmouth said: “I’ve stood for election in Kirkhill a few times, so I’m absolutely delighted to win the seat.

“The previous Labour administration’s treatment of our town was appalling and now we will work to put that right, as well as operate a council that works for everyone in Northumberland.”

Andrew Tebbutt said: “We’re very disappointed with the outcome.

“We would like to thank all those who voted for the Liberal Democrat candidates in the Morpeth wards.

“Congratulations to the Conservative candidates. We think we hand-on to them a good and hard-working approach to developing relationships with the community.”

The votes in the Morpeth North ward were as follows. David Bawn (Conservative) 1061; Joan Tebbutt (Liberal Democrat) 550; Nic Best (Green Party) 318; Mark Owen (Labour) 221.

Coun Bawn, who was re-elected, said: “I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve received.

“I wasn’t expecting such an amazing turnout, which shows how much the people of Morpeth care about a range of key issues. The new Conservtive-run council will put Morpeth residents first.”

The Morpeth Stobhill result was: John Beynon (Conservative) 969; Alison Byard (Liberal Democrat) 456; Ian Lindley (Independent) 285; Brenda Stanton (Labour) 244.

Coun Beynon said: “I’m delighted that the people of Stobhill have put their trust in me and I will do my best for the ward and the town as a whole.

“During the campaign, many residents told me how angry they were about the cost of the proposed County Hall move to Ashington.”

In the Pegswood ward, Coun Towns received 579 votes. The votes for the previous ward councillor, Labour’s Alan Sambrook, and Liberal Democrat David Woodard were 522 and 431 respectively.

Coun Towns said: “I’m delighted with the result.

“I’m grateful to everyone who voted for me and I will work hard to show them and those who didn’t vote for me that I’m worthy of representing the Pegswood ward at County Hall.

“Due respect to Alan Sambrook, who has been an effective and well-respected county councillor, but this result shows that residents in the area had lost faith in the Labour administration.”