Clean-up will be blooming helpful

Stock pictures of Morpeth. Flowers, Morpeth in Bloom, clocktower
Stock pictures of Morpeth. Flowers, Morpeth in Bloom, clocktower

SPRING cleaning will spread town-wide this weekend to prepare for Northumbria In Bloom.

Morpeth Town Council will hold a community clean-up day on Sunday ahead of spring judging for the competition on Monday.

People are encouraged to pick up litter, sweep the streets and polish up the fixtures and fittings in Morpeth, while water sport groups are invited to clear out rubbish from the River Wansbeck.

Judges have often praised the cleanliness of Morpeth and the Bloom team is eager to rank highly again.

Morpeth Town Council Clerk Gillian Turner said: “Everybody is more than welcome to come along and join us for the clean-up day. It is their town afterall.

“We will be going around doing litter-picking, sweeping, cleaning signage and street furniture and weeding — just a general tidy-up.

“It is always more difficult for the spring judging because of the leaves and with the wind everything is swirling around.”

Organisers are putting finishing touches to their Bloom portfolio to present to the judges and planting and environmental work should be in tip-top condition for the assessment.

Ms Turner said: “We are ready for judging, but this is the worst year we have had for the lateness of the plants coming through. Having snow in March and April hasn’t helped, but everybody is going to be in the same position.”

Anybody wishing to take part in the clean-up should meet at the Riverside Leisure Centre between 9.45am and 10am on Sunday, where they can sign in and pick up protective clothing, a litter pick and a plastic bag.

The event will be opened by Mayor Mark Horton at 10am and will run until noon.