Close call for Mitford Road

PEOPLE living in Mitford Road had a close call as the water came into their gardens, but it did not significantly enter their properties.

Resident Doug Graham, said: “The water did not spill over from the river side but it did come out of the drains and along from the rugby club and schools.

“It did come up to our doors, however the protections we had were effective and it later receded. We’re grateful to the Environment Agency for letting us know when the emergency was over, which relieved our stress.

“Many residents couldn’t go into Morpeth because the water was too deep on the road so it was great to see members of the Morpeth Lions and British Red Cross ,as well as some of the Sanderson Arcade Beadles, delivering food parcels from Marks and Spencer.

“Now we’re waiting to see what happens with the flood alleviation scheme — it needs to be in place as soon as possible. I know the planning process takes some time, but in our view it should have been progressed much sooner.”