Closer look at plan for 27 homes in green belt

The Stannington Nurseries site.
The Stannington Nurseries site.

Councillors decided to take a closer look at the site of an outline bid for up to 27 homes on land in a village to the south of Morpeth.

At Tuesday’s meeting of Northumberland County Council’s planning and rights of way committee, members voted to go on a site visit before making a decision on the scheme for Stannington Station.

The application is for the residential element, including 15 per cent affordable homes, of a mixed-use site at the former Stannington Nurseries site on Station Road.

Proposing the site visit, Coun Andrew Tebbutt explained that this area has been put forward as an inset site within the green belt around Morpeth.

That is being consulted on now through the pre-submission draft of the core strategy so ‘for that reason, it would be premature to determine this now’.

But Coun Paul Kelly said: “We are currently in a state of flux with regards to the green belt and I think we should be able to make a decision based on the actuality, not the possibility.”

Mark Ketley, the council’s development manager, explained that because no weight could be given to the inset area yet, the site is in the green belt, meaning development would be inappropriate.

The fact the site was previously developed may mean housing is acceptable, but only if it has no more of an impact than what was there before and a site visit would allow members to look at this.