Closer look at Sisters site

COUNCILLORS will visit a potential Widdrington windfarm site before making a decision on the proposal.

Members of Northumberland County Council’s Planning and Environment Committee agreed this week to look at the Sisters site on land near Widdrington Manse before deciding whether to permit four 126m turbines.

After public consultation last year, applicant Infinis reduced the number of turbines from five in response to comments from local people.

However, locals have continued to voice strong opposition to the plans.

If approved, the windfarm would be built over six to nine months in 2013 and the land would continue to be farmed.

A community fund, likely to be £16,000 a year, would be negotiated with the county council.

Other turbines may also be on the horizon in the Widdrington area.

Plans are on the drawing board for a windfarm encircling a golf course as part of the £200million Blue Sky Forest scheme, which was inspired by the local community and has been praised by Communities Minister Bob Neill.