Club branches out to spread its '˜message'

Morpeth Lions Club

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 11:46 am
Deputy Head Sally Collins with pupils of The Dales School.

The Lions Club of Morpeth sometimes spreads its net to other parts of the county and members Lilian Nelson and Simon Pringle recently visited Blyth.

As Simon had worked in Blyth for many years, he still has contacts who participate in the Dickens Of A Draw, and it gave him much pleasure to deliver the cheques. For the first time this included The Dales School, where the money will help to provide sensory equipment.

Lilian’s Blyth involvement arose through a meeting with Peter Douglas, Service Manager at Blyth Riverside Resource Centre.

She mentioned how the Lions provide Message In A Bottle units, plastic tubes that contain medical information. A sticker on the door tells ambulance personnel that it is the house and another sticker is placed on its whereabouts.

Peter requested ‘bottles’ for use by centre users.

Anyone interested in the scheme can contact Lilian on 01670 518773. There is no charge.