Colour crucial for food to make an impression on the plate

Rainbow beetroot.
Rainbow beetroot.

If you believe that food should not only taste good but also look good when served, consider adding a little more colour to the vegetables grown in your garden this year.

Flip through a decent catalogue or browse seed displays at the garden centre. There’s plenty of choice.

Salads are far more attractive with a mixture of form and colour.

Try the radish mix selection from Suttons for cylindrical and round types in red and white.

Add red lettuce, lollo rosso, alongside orange, gold, red, black or striped tomatoes.

Mangetout peas with purple, gold or green pods can brighten the vegetable patch and your plate.

Green, orange and purple carrots will certainly provide a talking point at dinner, as will green, orange and purple cauliflowers.

Try climbing French beans in purple, green and yellow, or the delicious Swiss chard Bright Lights.

Some might just become fixtures on the annual seed list.

The beetroot Rainbow is certainly one on mine.