Community asset transfer application for centre

Morpeth Town Council has made an initial request to find out Northumberland County Council's position on the future of a key town facility.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 13:35 pm
Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth.

Meetings have taken place between the two local authorities over the last few years to discuss the poor state of the Storey Park Community Centre building.

It is currently leased by the town council from the county council and the former will need to go through the community asset transfer process in order to get the freehold of the centre.

Town council clerk Tracey Bell said at a recent meeting that the process would involve asking the county council to provide a substantial financial contribution.

She recommended councillors agree to apply for the transfer as this would get the ball rolling and they would then find out the county council’s formal position on the matter.

Coun Andrew Tebbutt said: “I agree that we need to make the request.

“So many people have been involved in the potential future of Storey Park over the years and it’s very frustrating that an agreement has not been reached in that time.”

When it came to the vote, seven councillors were in favour of applying for the transfer, none were against and there was one abstention.

Members of the public have until the end of tomorrow to take part in the online survey about Storey Park, which can be accessed at