Community film all set to premiere

Filming in Morpeth.
Filming in Morpeth.

A community-based film shot in Morpeth and starring a full cast from the region will premiere later this month.

The company’s aim is to nurture local talent and develop a film industry in the region.

Andrew Fletcher in The Willows.

Andrew Fletcher in The Willows.

The project aims to attract further donations and support to develop feature films and TV projects, as well as to engage and support local actors, cast, crew and creative minds with live, tangible projects.

And NE Films hopes The Willows will be the perfect springboard.

The film tells the tale of Victor, a widowed husband of 10 years, and his son Michael, who is worried about his father’s ability to care for himself while living at home on his own.

Michael finds a warm and welcoming residential care home that offers monitored living alongside a small group of similar elderly residents with around-the-clock nursing staff.

The Willows promises welcoming staff and a better life for Michael’s father towards his remaining years, but Victor has to fit in with the other residents as well as adjust to a more social setting.

Things take a turn for the worse, however, when a night attendant decides to switch their night tablets for various questionable illegal substances, accidentally creating a devastating cocktail in the process.

This leads to a series of events that spiral into extreme circumstances.

The residential complex is soon sent into chaos and turmoil as residents begin to suffer from medical complications associated with their tablets.

The movie was filmed in various locations throughout Morpeth from May to October.

One of those to star is Andrew Fletcher, from Alnwick, who plays the night attendant who switches the medication.

He said: “It’s essential that opportunities are provided for aspiring actors and performers of all ages in the North East.

“For a long time, those wishing to follow the performing arts as a viable career path have been forced to relocate to various areas of the country including London and Manchester, myself included.

“The launch of NE Films can hopefully bring an end to that and those interested will be provided with valuable opportunities, both in front of and behind the camera while remaining in the North East.”

The Willows is being premiered at Vue, in Cramlington, on Thursday, November 30. The event will also play host to all those involved with the project and will feature an opportunity for people to network with them, offering an insight into the necessary steps in making a zero-budget feature film.

Doors open for the networking event at 5pm, with the film viewing from 7pm.

Tickets range from £6 to £8 and are available from
For more information, visit the NE Films or The Willows UK Facebook pages.

To help support the project, the Herald has teamed up with NE Films to give away a pair of tickets for the premiere. See this week’s Herald for details of how to enter the competiton.