Community is driving ahead

VILLAGERS have suggested a new car hire scheme to support rural communities.

At a meeting of the Coastal Villages Community Forum, residents pointed to the Common Wheels social enterprise car club, which has recently moved into Prudhoe and provides low cost vehicle hire for as little as half an hour.

They said the scheme could help two-car families get rid of one of their vehicles and provide transport for drivers who can not afford their own car.

One Widdrington villager, who brought up the issue, said: “People can book a car for half an hour, an hour or even longer. It is something that should be brought to people’s attention because we need to know if people are interested in trying to get a scheme here.

“It could help ease congestion because instead of two cars people might just need to have one.”

It was suggested that the forum could approach local community transport scheme Adapt North East to see if it would be feasible to set up such a scheme in the area.