Community spirit is thriving

COMMUNITY spirit in Morpeth is thriving — it’s official.

A new survey of 1,000 people in ten towns across the region has found that Morpeth tops the charts when it comes to neighbourly support.

Of those questioned, more than two thirds reported excellent support when it comes to looking after homes and pets for holidays, while 71 percent have carried out babysitting duties for neighbours.

However, 57 per cent admitted to actively avoiding a neighbour to escape having a conversation with them.

Across the region, half of respondents have had a neighbour carry out an unprompted favour and just under two thirds have never had any trouble with neighbours.

The research was carried out in a drive to encourage communities to sign up for The Big Lunch.

The one-day event aims to bring neighbours together, improve local relationships and build friendships.

The event can be anything from a simple get-together in a garden or street to a full blown party with music and decorations.

The Big Lunch takes place on Sunday. To register an event visit or call 0845 850 8181.