Concerns raised over ‘alarming’ firework noise

A group of Ponteland residents have called on councillors to ask for the fireworks at a New Year’s event to be less noisy.

The most recent display on land behind Rialtos restaurant on Main Street was the subject of a town council public questions session.

Anne Campbell, who lives in Cecil Court, said: “Residents are concerned about the exceptionally loud, repeated explosions which are extremely alarming and as someone who has experienced the noise this year, I can describe them as frightening and alarming and very unsettling.

“I do not live alone or have pets, but many residents do. We have had to get used to firecrackers and also bangs during the recent decade, but these other noises are on another level.”

She said after the meeting that residents do not want to prevent the event from taking place, but they are hoping that there will not be a repeat of the level of noise from the 2014/15 display.

In response, Ponteland Mayor Carl Rawlings said that the authority contributed £250 to the event.

He added: “The fireworks display is not a town council event and we are not the decision maker. The main parties involved are the owner of the Diamond Inn and the owner of the land at Rialtos.

“It attracts hundreds of people and it could be said that by holding an organised event for the community, there are fewer smaller events with their random timings, locations and noises. We will, however, bear your concerns in mind and we will advise the event organisers if they contact us.”