Concerns voiced over possible windfarm plan

RESIDENTS of a hamlet near Mitford have voiced their concerns over a possible windfarm development on their doorstep.

And the group who live in Molesden are going out into the community to get further support for their cause before the objections deadline of Wednesday.

They are opposing a planning application by TNEI Services Ltd for the erection of a 80m meteorological mast covering a period of three years.

This would be constructed in a field between Molesden and the East and West Edington Farms, which are located off the B6524 Whalton road.

In its supporting statement, the company says the mast would “enable detailed data about the wind regime to be collected in order to verify that the site is suitable to host a windfarm (from a wind resource perspective) and would assist in the selection of the most appropriate wind turbine model for the site should it be concluded to be a suitable site for development”.

But the residents believe it is unsuitable for the area and they have lodged some letters of objection with Northumberland County Council.

Annie Wright, who is leading the group’s efforts, said: “We have formed to vigorously oppose the initial wind measurement mast and, if necessary, the subsequent windfarm.

“We believe that 80m is an excessive height for an alien, unsympathetic and visually inappropriate structure in an open landscape.

“It would dominate the character and appearance of this area to the extent where it hugely outweighs any possible benefit or contribution to regional renewable energy targets.”

She added that they will be giving out letters to local householders and places where the community meet, such as pubs and churches, so others who agree with their points can send in their objections before the deadline.