Contact any councillor with your concerns

CONCERNED residents have been urged to lobby local councillors about any planning issues they may have.

Members of Morpeth Town Council’s Planning and Transport Committee said they were happy to hear from people about their concerns and would help wherever they could.

The message came after residents of Pottery Bank sent councillors a thank-you note for their help in successfully resisting the development of a new house in the area. The plans were rejected by Northumberland County Council following representations from residents and councillors.

Mayor Mark Horton said: “As Mayor I’m very proud of our councillors who have taken an interest in this. I’m very proud to have councillors who have stood up and represented the residents.”

And Coun David Parker said he would welcome other people coming to the authority with their own planning issues.

“It has been said many times before, but it is worth saying it again – any resident of the town has the right not only to approach their own councillors on any planning matter, but also the right to call on the town council because the town council will be considering every application that comes in,” he said.

“If they have something they would like the council to listen to as and when we are considering an application, hopefully they will do that.

“We have had residents present at meetings to listen to our debates and that is something I very much welcome. That is real democracy at work.”