Council agrees to cut back its allocation of land for memorial trees in park

Memorial trees will no longer be allowed in a section of Ponteland Park.

The town council has agreed that no further trees will be placed in the areas near to the Scout Hut and Park House due to drainage and maintenance issues. An area of land next to the tennis courts is still available.

A report to a meeting of the authority said: “The two areas in question do tend to become waterlogged in times of heavy rainfall and the town council recently approved work to be carried out to the watercourse that leads into the river to clear it out and therefore improve drainage in those areas.

“The main issue at present is dealing with the maintenance and/or replacement of dead trees.

“Due to the lack of any policy or formal agreement, once trees are planted we appear to be expected to carry out maintenance and replace dead trees at no cost to the individual who asked for the planting. This is not only adding to the workload, but could prove costly in the future.”

Members also approved a policy for future requests, which includes providing maintenance for a period of five years. Discretion will be used in respect of trees that have already been planted.