COUNCIL: Move into the digital age

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Years ago, if people went to Morpeth Fair they would have been content with a burger/hot dog and an ice cream.

Now, as shown by the popularity of the food sellers at the 2017 fair, people’s tasted have broadened.

Surely it gives the Chamber of Trade encouragement to lobby even harder to expand on the interest in food in terms of expanding the market and encouraging other food-related events to come to the town.

This will build on the good work done already and to help the town go forward.

Next to the stall Kim Bibby-Wilson was running on Fair Day was a photograph of Kim eating a sandwich, standing next to her father.

Even though the photograph was from 1991, I hadn’t seen it before.

I wasn’t the only person to have commented on it to her on the day as it looked like a private moment and a photograph of value to her.

I hope that the Co-operative Funeral Care Memorial Book for people thinking about their fathers who have passed away is a success so that people can share their memories of their fathers. You never know on an average day when such memories are going to come back and make you think.

Now that the various elections in 2017 have shown greater interest among the young in politics, and a greater impact of Facebook in keeping people informed, hopefully the more youthful councillors on Morpeth Town Council and Northumberland County Council will be pondering on how to move council meetings and their minutes to the digital age.

This will serve both to increase awareness of the main issues and increase engagement.

Certainly there will be legal issues to be aware of, and restrictions on what you can and cannot say. There will even be technical issues to work through.

However, there are opportunities to be taken in this area.

I will be waiting to see if the county council’s proposals for The Terrace car park in Morpeth survive the review of the previous administration’s ‘big ideas’.

The proposals would see the end of long established trees in the area, but they would also have an impact on traffic build up near St George’s Church and have an impact on visitors to the church, who aren’t able to use the limited parking spaces in the church grounds.

Hopefully we will hear a decision from County Hall sooner rather than later.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue