COUNCIL: People have had enough

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I enjoyed the marvellous letter from Northumberland County Council Leader Grant Davey, (Morpeth Herald, September 8).

It was a veritable masterclass in unintentional comedic parody.

He describes those opposed to the grandiose plans of his administration as being ‘an increasingly out of touch clique’.

If he is right, this clique must now include the vast majority of residents across the county.

Being interested in local politics for many years, never have I known a time when so many people have become engaged and interested in the doings of their council, but this is not to the credit of Coun Davey or his policies.

The overwhelming impression I get from those I talk to, not just from Morpeth, is anger, real palpable anger, at the way this council conducts itself.

From its hubristic, self-glorifying placards to its borrowing and spending, whilst carping about how short of money it is, people have had enough.

The latest plan to desperately sell the land County Hall sits on, despite the council being unable to move for at least two years, before Coun Davey and his pals are kicked out of office in May is, for many, the final straw.

So I am afraid the ‘whinging’ is going to get a lot louder.

David Bawn

Member for Morpeth North