Councillor speaks out on traffic light plan

A battle to block more Morpeth traffic lights will be joined by the area’s county councillor.

As the Herald revealed last month, developer Linden Homes has proposed to erect the signals in Dark Lane as part of its plan to build 375 homes at the former St George’s Hospital site.

However, county planners and town councillors are pushing for a roundabout to be built instead and have applied to release land from Tommy’s Field Allotments to accommodate it.

Now Morpeth North county councillor David Bawn has told Morpeth Town Council that he will also be objecting to traffic lights.

“I have explained to the developer at great length why traffic lights are not very popular in Morpeth,” he said.

“They said that modelling shows that traffic lights will work. I suggested that modelling is not always right, based on experience.

“I am not in favour of a signalised junction there and I will be making that known to the planning committee and everyone else who will listen.”