Councillors urge caution over restrictions

PEGSWOOD councillors have urged highways officers not to immediately press ahead with a new parking restriction outside the village’s first school.

Northumberland County Council has undertaken a review of all its traffic regulation orders as well as school keep clear zig-zag markings.

And at Pegswood First School, it has proposed to include the markings already on the road as a restriction as part of a new programme of orders. Motorists would not be allowed to stop on them between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

But members of Pegswood Parish Council have concerns that it may not be the best solution to deal with congestion along Longhirst Road.

Coun Julie Stephenson said this measure could lead to cars parking in a more dangerous location on the corner and the markings would be better placed on the other side of the road opposite the school gates.

Coun John Park’s preferred solution to help the flow of traffic is to only allow cars to stop on one side of the road and have yellow lines on the other.

County councillor for Pegswood David Woodard, also a member of the parish council, said there will soon be some resurfacing work carried out on Longhirst Road and as there are various pinch points along the route, officers may need to consider alternative restrictions.

Peter Stonell, Chairman of the authority, added: “We recognise that there’s a congestion problem outside the school, but there are issues which mean the proposal should be examined in more detail before a decision is made.”