Councillors will have to wait for traffic review

A WIDE-RANGING traffic review of Morpeth will be carried out.

However, it will take longer than Morpeth town councillors were originally anticipating.

After raising the matter at a north area committee meeting of the county council, the town council wrote directly to the Northumberland authority to ask for data about studies that were carried out in addition to the traffic lights at Telford Bridge.

Its members and other stakeholders, including the Lights Out group, were told at the start of the process that a general review would take place, but concerns were raised when no extra information was produced after it was decided to remove the lights for a trial period.

Coun David Parker said: “We expected to have all the traffic information available by now so that it could help the relevant steering groups in the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.”

A spokeswoman for the county council said: “The longer-term traffic review will continue over the coming months. It will take into account the six-month trial of the Telford Bridge roundabout, the construction of the bypass and the emerging Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan.

“We are working with the town council and the Managing Morpeth Steering Group will meet again in January.”