COUNTY HALL: Building could be multi-use

I agree with the point made by Susan Starkie that the County Hall building in Morpeth has architectural merit and should be retained, (Morpeth Herald, January 19).

Sunday, 5th February 2017, 5:00 am

I feel that the politicians in charge at Northumberland County Council don’t seem to know the best way to use its resources.

The council doesn’t need a headquarters of such a size as the one that will be built in Ashington if it is spreading out jobs across the towns.

Only part of the County Hall in Morpeth would still need to be used as headquarters and the rest of the refurbished building could be used for other purposes. The relocated Morpeth First School could easily be accommodated within it.

And the county council could do what Newcastle City Council is doing with its refurbishment of the Civic Centre – some of the transformed office blocks will be rented out to other public bodies.

Keith Soulsby