COUNTY HALL: Moving has needless cost

I am a resident in Morpeth, and have been for over 50 years, and love the town in which I live.

Over the past few years times have been hard for businesses and residents, and I cannot believe that the county council is talking about spending millions of pounds on moving County Hall, a building which is not more than 40 years old.

How can we afford to waste so much money, which appears to be increasing every time it is mentioned in the Herald?

I, personally, cannot see what difference it will make moving it to Ashington, but I do know that I and the other residents of Morpeth pay our taxes and everything else you ask of us, but we have never been consulted on the issue of spending so much money needlessly.

Even if County Hall needs £2million spent on it to bring it up to standard, that is nothing compared to the increasing mountain of money that will be needed if it moves to Ashington.

What you really need to do for Ashington is concentrate on making the High Street an attractive place to shop, and then, perhaps, more people will shop there.

Rhona Dunn,