COUNTY HALL: Party will bring fairness back

I find myself in the very rare position of largely agreeing with the sentiments of the Liberal Democrat councillor Joan Tebbutt in her letter about the attitude of the current Labour administration of the county council and its disregard of Morpeth and its residents, (Morpeth Herald, August 4).

Friday, 19th August 2016, 5:00 am

Where I imagine I differ is the solution to this malaise.

Councillor Lindley, the Independent councillor she castigates, was elected as a Liberal Democrat and was a leading member of the previous Liberal Democrat administration at County Hall. Half of the Liberal Democrat county councillors actively voted for moving County Hall to Ashington, and all of the Liberal county councillors abstained on the budget that allocated taxpayer money to this scheme.

There is a genuine need for change at the next county council elections in May, but only the local Conservatives can offer that change, being united and unanimous across the county in their pledge to stop the move of County Hall and retain it in Morpeth, and bring fairness back to the market towns of Northumberland seemingly being plundered by this administration.

Richard Wearmouth

Conservative candidate for Kirkhill