Cresswell Curiosity walk to reveal host of fascinating facts about the village

Where might you go for a walk and come across the White Lady who is supposed to haunt a 15th Century Pele Tower or learn about the second '˜Grace Darling', the heroine of a brave sea rescue in 1876?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29 July, 2016, 13:52
Cresswell Village. REF 1911141433

The answer is the village of Cresswell, one of the treasures of Northumberland’s coastline, and the setting for a Cresswell Curiosities walk taking place on Sunday as part of a nationwide Festival of Archaeology.

Leading the walk will be resident and archaeologist Barry Mead, accompanied by local historian Neil Taylor.

“Suffice to say we will be revealing some fascinating facts many people will be surprised to learn about Cresswell, including how one of the family who gave their name to the village helped shorten the Second World War,” said Mr Mead.

All are welcome to join the two-mile walk, starting from Cresswell ice-cream shop at 2pm. For further information contact Mr Mead on 07986 018242.