£2.7million boost for regionwide crime and safety projects

Almost £3million has been secured to support crime and safety projects in the region.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird has announced that bids totalling more than £2.7million have been approved by the Police Innovation Fund for this year, with more funds agreed in principle for 2016/17.

The grants will fund five separate projects.

A total of £1.3million will be used to set up Project Sanctuary, providing two multi-agency teams to tackle child sexual exploitation, vulnerability and modern day slavery, working from community hubs.

In addition, £920,000 will support two domestic abuse projects, one to identify and help serial victims, who have been abused by two or more people, and the other to tackle perpetrators.

More than £342,000 will go to SafetyWorks!, a centre that uses full size ‘movie set’ facilities to teach children about everyday hazards and how to reduce the risk of harm.

And £150,000 will support children and vulnerable adults in giving evidence in criminal proceedings, using other sites outside of courts.