Clamp-down on travelling criminals

MORE than 80 vehicles were checked by police in an ongoing operation to keep criminals off the roads.

Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team joined the Environment Agency, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and HM Revenue and Customs to run checks on vehicles using the A69.

A total of 83 vehicles were checked in the eight-hour operation, resulting in several enforcement notices and fines.

Four notices were issued to motorists with unroadworthy vehicles, ordering them to make repairs and take their vehicles to a police station to be checked.

Two drivers were each fined £500 for using red diesel, another two were summonsed for minor traffic offences and two were cautioned for the condition of their vehicles.

Northumberland Chief Inspector Jerry Barker said: “The operation was a huge success, with vehicles stopped and action taken where appropriate.

“Working with our partners and carrying out operations like this on our roads is an excellent way of disrupting and deterring crime.

“The aim was to make roads safer and reduce casualties, deny criminals the use of the roads and reassure the public. We also used the operation to gather vital intelligence into the recent metal thefts that we have seen locally.”