Don’t give thieves an easy ride

POLICE are urging cyclists in Northumberland to stop thieves having an easy ride when it comes to stealing bikes.

The warning comes after a recent increase in the number of bikes being targeted by thieves in the area.

Figures show that since January 1 this year there have been 69 pedal cycles stolen in the county – 56 of them were left unattended and insecure.

Northumberland Crime Prevention Advisor Del Graham said: “Always lock your bike when you leave it – even if it is only for a minute.

“Store it in a shed or garage where possible and always use a quality padlock or chain to secure your bike.

“Cyclists can register their bikes at which is a property register scheme supported by Northumbria Police. They should also consider getting their bike security marked so if it is stolen and recovered it can be returned.

“We run a number of free bike marking events in the county so check the police website ( for details of one in your area.

“And finally, record the serial number of the bike and photograph it. If it is stolen this could really help officers track it down and return it.”

For tips on how to keep your bike safe or any other crime prevention advice, contact Northumbria Police on 03456 043043.