Drink-drive crackdown

MORE than 1,500 drivers were breathalysed by Northumbria Police in a drink-driving crackdown.

A total of 1,532 breath tests were carried out under the Think Before You Drink campaign, which ran throughout December.

Of those, 94 drivers were either over the limit or failed to provide a specimen for analysis.

Chief Inspector Peter Reeve said: “We are committed to stopping drink-driving and we hope through this campaign we have made motorists think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking.

“The majority of drivers who were stopped were happy to see police taking action against drink-driving and they too want to see it being stamped out.

“It’s disappointing there was still a minority who chose to risk their lives and others by getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

“With this in mind, we’ll continue to target those we suspect of drink-driving.”