Drivers have cars seized

TWO cars have been seized by police as officers get tough on nuisance drivers.

The Vauxhall Corsas were seized in Bridge Street, Morpeth, on Saturday.

Police confiscated the cars after they were driven in an anti-social manner. Both had been linked to previous bad behaviour.

They will be kept until release fees are paid.

Acting Morpeth Inspector Dave Simpson said: “This should act as a warning to others. Everybody relies heavily on their car and to have it confiscated is something which can disrupt their everyday life.

“The message from us is clear — if you are involved in vehicle-related disorder we will target you and use all our powers in order to either prosecute you or confiscate your vehicle.”

The action follows a determined campaign to get to grips with anti-social driving behaviour in Morpeth after several complaints from residents about the issue during meetings with police.

It is now a police priority in the town.

Acting Insp Simpson said: “The issue of vehicles and passengers being involved in disorder has been raised by residents of Morpeth on numerous occasions and that is why it is a neighbourhood priority.

“Not only do we use CCTV and dedicated officers to tackle the problem, but we also ensure that those responsible see the consequences of their actions.”