Drunken nuisance avoids prison after ripping canular from his arm and throwing it at a nurse

A drunken nuisance who ripped a canular from his arm and threw it towards a nurse has avoided prison.

Friday, 1st October 2021, 12:01 pm
Ross Fyfe, who was already banned from the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, ripped a canular from his arm and threw it towards a nurse after receiving treatment.

Ross Fyfe, 33, was already banned from the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington unless he was in need of urgent care.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he was admitted to the A&E department on September 28 of last year as he appeared unconscious at the time.

However, he eventually came around after treatment before shouting abuse at the staff and was asked to leave.

Prosecutor Helen Towers said: "On the 27th of September the defendant attended Cramlington hospital, barley conscious.

"The doctor intended to provide the defendant with a sandwich to keep his blood sugar levels up.

"The defendant is known to the hospital staff as he's banned from Northumbria Healthcare Trust because of his previous behaviour to staff.

"When the defendant was revived he became more aggressive and went to the use the toilet.

"He was in there for approximately 20 minutes so the doctor went to check on him.

"He was heard shouting and swearing at the doctor from inside of the toilet."

The court that Fyfe then wanted to go outside for a cigarette but was told if he was well enough to do that then his life was not at risk and had to leave.

As he was being walked away, he threw the canular attached to his arm which landed close to the nurse who was assisting him.

Fyfe, of no fixed abode, has 29 previous convictions and pleaded guilty to assault on an emergency worker.

Judge Stephen Earl said: "Hospitals deal with these types of situations all too often, particularly in A&E.

"He ripped the canular out and threw it at a nurse. Blood spurted but it didn't make contact.

"We are in a pandemic and she shouldn't have to deal with this sort of behaviour at any time."

However, the judge gave him another chance and sentenced him to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

Kate Barnes, mitigating, conceded her client has a serious drink problem but said: "He reassures me and I pass on that reassurance that he wants to be rehabilitated and he wants to be alcohol free because it's ruining his life."

Fyfe must also complete 25 days of rehabilitation activities.