Ex-shopping arcade boss vows to clear his name

Former Beadle and new Assistant Manager of Sanderson Arcade Colin Scrowther is taking part in the Great North Run for charity..
Former Beadle and new Assistant Manager of Sanderson Arcade Colin Scrowther is taking part in the Great North Run for charity..

A FORMER shopping centre boss says he wants to clear his name after the conclusion of theft investigations involving him.

Colin Scrowther, 33, was sacked from his post as Assistant Manager at Morpeth’s Sanderson Arcade in October 2010 following allegations that money was missing from the centre’s accounts and charity funds.

Police arrested him on suspicion of theft and he was bailed pending further inquiries.

Earlier this month, Mr Scrowther received a police caution for theft from staff lottery funds unrelated to the centre’s accounts or charity money.

However, he has been told that no further action will be taken over the main allegations.

“All this has been for nothing,” he said. “It was in October 2010 when I was accused of theft from Sanderson Arcade and I lost my job and everything over it. It has been difficult getting other work. There is also the social stigma that comes with it.

“It has been an absolute nightmare.”

Mr Scrowther, who lives in the High Church area of Morpeth, said he is mystified as to why he was suspected.

“Knowing that you are not guilty probably makes it worse than knowing that you are, but now I have been told that there is no prosecution.

“The whole thing, from start to finish, has been a complete mystery to me. It makes no sense.

“It is hard when people think you are a certain way and you haven’t done anything wrong. The impact has affected every part of my life. It has also had an impact on other people, not just me.”

He added: “I don’t feel anything bad towards the arcade. I think it has done a lot of good for Morpeth. It has transformed the town centre so I have no problem at all with it, it is just a pity all this had to happen.”

Mr Scrowther was appointed to the role of Assistant Manager after previously working as a Beadle in the centre’s security team.

In September 2010, he took part in the Great North Run to raise funds for the Children’s Foundation, the arcade’s chosen charity at the time.

Police have confirmed that no further action will be taken against Mr Scrowther.

A spokeswoman said: “A 33-year-old man was given a simple caution for theft.”

Mr Scrowther said the caution related to a lottery syndicate and he had taken the money to change it, but did not have a chance to return it before his arrest. He said it has since been paid back.

Dransfield Properties, which owns the arcade, declined to comment.