Facebook group turns to crime-fighting to force car vandal to come clean

A contrite car vandal owned up to his crime after being threatened with exposure on a social media site.

A car windscreen was smashed at about 2.30am on Sunday as it was parked up in Wansbeck Street, Morpeth.

Police were informed and were investigating when a direct message to the vandal was posted by a member of the Morpeth Matters Facebook site, warning that his antics had been captured on high-quality CCTV and the photographs would be published in a bid to bring him to justice.

Within hours, the young man responsible had gone back to the scene of the crime, armed with a bottle of wine for the car owner, and apologised for his actions, which he put down to too much alcohol. He also made arrangements to pay for the damage to be repaired.

The owner said: “At 9.30pm that night two lads came to the door and said they would pay the excess for the windscreen to be replaced.

“One of their friends had seen the message on Morpeth Matters and contacted them to give them the heads-up. It seems the behaviour was totally out of character and it worked out well in the end. It shows the power of social media.”