Jail for man who fractured victim’s skull

A SCRAP-COLLECTOR has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after he attacked a man with a blunt object, causing several fractures to his face and skull.

Terry Tyler was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on victim Darren Brain by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court after a trial last month.

The incident happened after Mr Brain went to confront Tyler, 21, on the night of November 15 and 16, over claims that his wife had been assaulted earlier that evening.

Judge Paul Sloan QC said: “Earlier that night Mr Brain’s wife had been assaulted and injured. I deal with you on the basis that you were not responsible.

“Mr Brain left his home address and went in search of you. It’s clear to me that he had had a lot to drink. He was clearly intent on having a confrontation with you.

“He came across you in the street. You had been drinking earlier that night. He was shouting at you, but your response was out of all proportion to the threat he posed.

“You took out an object and hit him on the head. He instantly blacked out, he lost consciousness and fell heavily to the ground. You left him unconscious and bleeding on the road surface.”

Tyler, of Albion Terrace, Lynemouth, was arrested the day after the attack and put forward a false alibi and refused to answer questions. He later claimed he had acted in self-defence.

At the time Tyler was out on licence from a young offenders’ institute where he was serving a 21-month custodial sentence for two counts of burglary.

Mr Brain suffered a left frontal depressed skull fracture, as well as a number of facial fractures.

He was in hospital for a week and an operation carried out by both a neurosurgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon resulted in him having a number of metal plates inserted to repair the damage to his face.

Judge Sloan said a victim impact statement from Mr Brain said he still suffers from severe headaches and dizziness and has to take medication, while he has also suffered from anxiety and depression and is worried about leaving his home.

Shaun Routledge, defending Tyler, said: “He didn’t take the trouble to Mr Brain’s door, but his actions have caused serious injury to Mr Brain. He has had time to reflect.”

Sentencing him to 30 months imprisonment, Judge Sloan said: “This offence is so serious only an immediate sentence of imprisonment is justified.”

Two of Tyler’s friends, Stephanie Curtis, 29, and Laura Medlan, 21, were jailed for three months and five months respectively after pleading guilty to contempt of court after they discussed details of Tyler’s case in the presence of jurors on a bus while the trial was under way.