Kit theft is a huge blow to sport clubs

Hard-pressed junior sport clubs have issued a desperate plea for help to find their stolen kit.

Morpeth and Wansbeck netball clubs could be facing a bill of more than £800 to replace their kit after it was stolen from a parked car.

The incident happened in Meadowbank Drive, Guidepost, on Friday, January 30. Two fabric holdalls, one navy and the other black and white, containing about 28 junior netball dresses, were taken.

The Morpeth kit is navy with green trim and a ZEON logo, while the Wansbeck set is yellow and blue with a Wansbeck Ladies Netball Club logo.

Coach Suzanne Claassen said: “Whilst of huge value to the clubs, the kits are of no value to the thieves as they are impossible to sell on. To replace these kits, however, the clubs will need to find in excess of £800 and as clubs run on shoe-string budgets we find ourselves in a very difficult situation.

“Both kits were less than a year old and custom-made in team colours, having been purchased after much scrimping and saving and many fund-raising events.

“The girls will be heartbroken at the loss of their kit, which was worn with such pride this season. It is very upsetting that they will have to return to mix and match school shorts and tops when all other teams will be turned out in team colours.

“It is even more upsetting that the clubs will need to start the long, hard process of fund-raising again to replace what was lost.”

The clubs hope the kit has been dumped and may be recovered. Anyone with information about the theft or stolen kit should call police on 101.

Anyone wishing to help out with funding for new kit should call 07840 788820.