Lock it or lose it

CYCLISTS in Northumberland are being urged to take steps to protect their bikes.

The advice follows a number of bicycle thefts across the county in recent weeks.

Northumbria Police Crime Prevention Advisor Sandra Killeen said: “Historically the number of bikes stolen increases over the summer period. However, a few simple steps can really help you keep your bike safe and avoid becoming the victim of bike thieves.

“Always use a bicycle lock, even if you’re just leaving a bike for a short time. If you keep your bike in a shed make sure that’s secured too. Secure your bicycle with a good quality chain and padlock through the frame and security mark your bike with your house number and postcode. Chain your cycle to a secure item such as a metal fence or lamppost to stop it being carried away and register your bike on www.immobilise.com which is a property register scheme supported by Northumbria Police.”