Lock it or lose it, police warn drivers

POLICE have called on drivers to lock their cars and keep valuables out of sight after two incidents in Morpeth.

Around £40 of cash was taken from the glovebox of a car in Chatton Close last week, while money was also taken from a car in the Cottingvale area.

Both vehicles were unlocked.

Morpeth Inspector Dave Simpson said: “Don’t leave money, purses, satnavs, bags or anything of value in your car overnight and definitely not in plain view.

“Thieves are scouring streets of parked cars, trying doors and are looking for opportunities where cars have been left unlocked.

“They simply let themselves inside cars and grab whatever is inside and make off — it only takes seconds.

“Help us to stop this kind of crime by removing everything from inside your car when you leave it parked up.”

Anyone with information about the thefts should contact police on 101, ext 69191.