Lock it or lose it, warn police

RESIDENTS are being urged to lock their doors and windows following recent crime figures.

More than half the burglaries committed in the county since April (104 out of 201) have been to insecure homes.

House burglary is down 13 per cent compared to this time last year (30 fewer crimes), but the number of properties where doors were left unlocked or windows left open is a concern.

Officers have been carrying out initiatives across Northumberland, with extra patrols at key times in areas where burglaries have taken place. Police have also been passing on crime prevention tips, and Operation Coin has seen suspicious vehicles stopped when travelling overnight.

Chief Inspector Peter Reeve said: “By locking your doors, when in the house and especially when leaving the house, then you are making life a lot more difficult for burglars and it could be the difference between becoming a victim of crime.”