Lock up your bike or lose it

POLICE are warning Northumberland cyclists to securely lock their bikes or they could lose them.

Lighter evenings are encouraging people to go out for rides, but at the same time officers are seeing more cycles reported as stolen.

Cyclists are being advised to always think about keeping their bikes safe from thieves, whether in a garden, shed or garage, or out on the street.

Chief Inspector Peter Reeve, of Northumberland Area Command, said: “We’ve had cases of bikes left unlocked overnight in gardens which have been taken. Some have been stolen when left outside a house or a shop.

“This makes it all too easy for the opportunist thief to simply get on the bike and pedal off.

“Our advice is keep your bike secure and ‘lock it or you could lose it’. But it’s very simple to prevent, just make sure you have a suitable bike lock and use it whenever you leave your cycle.”

Register your cycle with the Property Recording Service at www.northumbria.police.uk

Residents are also asked to report any suspicious activity around their or other bikes on 101, extension 69191.