Lock up your valuables

POLICE are advising motorists to remove all valuable items from their cars.

The warning comes after a satnav system was stolen from a car in Heddon on the Wall.

At around 12.45am on Wednesday, February 16, a thief broke into a car parked in Aquila Drive and stole the Garmin product that had been left on the dashboard, before making off.

East Tynedale Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Oates said: “A satnav, mobile phone, wallet or anything of value that is left in a car and on show is an open invite for an opportunist thief.

“It takes seconds for a thief to spot a vulnerable car, break inside and make off with whatever has been left. It’s even easier if the car has been left unlocked.

“Help us make life difficult for thieves — lock your car, make sure you’ve taken anything that’s important to you out of the car and keep it inside overnight.”

Anyone with any information into the theft is asked to contact officers on 03456 043043, ext 69191, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.