More cars seized in police crackdown

ANOTHER two cars have been seized by Morpeth police in a crackdown on anti-social drivers.

Officers have been working all year to tackle nuisance drivers following complaints about the problem from local residents at various community meetings.

In October, an initiative was launched by the neighbourhood policing team to deal with speeding and dangerous driving and within the first few weeks of the operation two cars were seized from anti-social drivers.

Now officers have swooped again to confiscate a further two vehicles.

Both were seized last Thursday.

The first, a Ford Ka, was confiscated in Longhirst after the driver was found to be driving without insurance.

In the second incident, police saw a silver Vauxhall Astra driving through Morpeth town centre at about 9.30pm, wheel-spinning from junctions and at times breaking the speed limit.

The car was pulled over and as a result of the incidents, as well as previous concerns regarding the same vehicle, it was seized.

To have his vehicle returned the driver will have to pay a recovery fee of £150 and a further £20 for every day it is left in storage.

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If it is not collected within seven days it will be disposed of.

Morpeth Acting Inspector Dave Simpson said: “We will not tolerate vehicles being driven in an anti-social manner and will use all our powers to deal with those drivers who have no respect for other road users.

“Seizing vehicles not only instantly addresses the problem, but also hits the drivers and owners where it hurts them most, in their pockets.

“If the release fees are not paid, or no attempt is made to collect the vehicle after seven days then it is disposed of.

“Drivers will also face prosecution for any linked offences.”