Neigh more work for police horse Pern

Pern with PC Michelle Alexander
Pern with PC Michelle Alexander

THERE’LL be ‘neigh’ more work for police horse Pern, who is off to pastures new after 16 years’ service.

The Northumbria Police horse, who stands at more than 17 hands high, has been with the force since the age of four, but now the chestnut gelding has been forced to retire with arthritis.

During his career, he has helped to police football matches, demonstrations and Royal visits, as well as other high profile events across the country.

But now he will enjoy a well-earned rest at the Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire, which specialises in respite and retirement care for working horses.

Sergeant Andy Cross said: “Pern has been a fantastic police horse and there are certainly going to be a lot of sad people at the Mounted Section when he leaves.

“He thoroughly enjoyed his job and just came alive when he went to work.

“As soon as he went out on patrol his ears would prick up.

“He is absolutely fearless and reliable, and over the years he has been responsible for helping to train many of the younger, inexperienced horses.”