Noise nuisance has kit seized

ACTION has been taken to silence a Lynemouth noise pest who made the lives of her neighbours a misery by playing loud music at night.

The occupant of a property in Eden Terrace had been warned repeatedly by Northumberland County Council and Northumbria Police, but she still played music loudly until the early hours on a number of occasions.

Noise disturbance continued even after she was served with a noise abatement notice so the authority’s public protection service, supported by the police, seized 18 pieces of equipment from the house.

As well as ignoring all warnings, the nuisance neighbour also made several offensive comments on a social networking site towards a neighbour, the police and the council, boasting that she would not turn her music off.

Council Executive Member for Health and Public Protection Anita Romer said: “The neighbours on this street have suffered repeatedly from excessive noise levels. Following the seizure the community will be able to enjoy some peace.”