Park plagued by young boozers

UNDERAGE drinking is posing a major headache in a parish park.

Teenagers as young as 14 have been reported getting drunk in Widdrington Station Community Park at weekends, with some youngsters travelling from further afield to come into the area for their kicks.

However, local councillors have been assured that firm action is being taken to tackle the problem, including reporting families to social services.

At the parish meeting this month, Coun Shelly Willoughby said: “We are having quite a bit of anti-social behaviour in the park at the moment, specifically at weekends.

“There is drastically underage drinking, with 14-year-old girls being absolutely paralytic and lying in the bushes.

“I have been informed that from now on the police are not taking these children home, they are going to their houses and fetching the parents to take them home and then involving social services. There are certain parents who can’t see what the problem is and they think it is very annoying that they are being contacted about the fact that their children are getting in this state.”

She said local stores are also concerned as older people are trying to buy alcohol to pass on to the youngsters, but police are trying to get on top of the problems.

“There has been a lot more activity lately and the officers are patrolling the streets on a Friday night,” she said.

“It is something they are taking very seriously and it is something that hopefully we can curb. The police are aware of it, they are taking steps and they are firming up their response.”