Police advice to beat fuel thieves

POLICE are offering advice to help residents stop fuel thieves.

It comes after an increase in the number of reports of thefts from tanks in recent weeks.

Crime Prevention Advisors are encouraging people with fuel tanks to contact them and they will give advice over the phone, carry out home visits and help them to take steps to deter thieves.

These can include completing an inventory and keeping a note of how many litres are being used, parking vehicles with the fuel cap side close to a wall, using a locking device on either the tap, filler cap, or both and fitting an alarm to the tank.

Northumberland Crime Prevention Advisor Derek Graham said: “Due to the sustained high price of fuel and heating oil we have started to see the number of fuel thefts rise.

“While we are working to reduce and detect these crimes we would ask anyone who uses a fuel storage tank to consider taking some crime prevention measures. A few pounds spent on the security of your storage tank now could save you hundreds replacing stolen fuel.”

To speak to an advisor contact Derek Graham or Sandra Killeen on 03456 043043, ext 63595 or ext 63514.