Police call time on boozed up teenagers

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OFFICERS are calling time on underage drinkers in Morpeth.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team has kicked off a series of high profile operations in response to members of the public raising concerns about youths consuming alcohol.

On Thursday, April 7, officers patrolled the pubs and bars in the town, speaking to licensees and carrying out a number of checks for underage drinkers or anyone causing anti-social behaviour.

A number of people were checked throughout the night — all were over 18. But there will be more police activity to tackle the issue.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Inspector Alison Best said: “This is the first of several operations that we plan to run throughout the year in Morpeth aimed at disrupting underage drinking and the anti-social behaviour that results from it.

“From what local people are telling us, it seems there may be a culture in Morpeth where under 18s think it’s acceptable to drink in the pubs and bars in the town, when in fact they are breaking the law and could face being fined, or even arrested.

“We will continue to work with the local licensees and carry out high profile patrols during the weekends and busiest times to ensure that the licensed premises in Morpeth are safe and pleasant places for people to spend time and that Morpeth remains a safe place to live, work and visit both day and night.”