Police council tax charge set to rise by 1.99 per cent

The police element of council tax charges is set to rise by 1.99 per cent.

The Northumbria Police and Crime Panel has approved the increase after a public survey found 53 per cent of respondents in favour.

An additional £635,000 will be raised from the increase. The force predicts a total Government grant reduction of £28.9million over the next three years.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “As your Commissioner I have to ensure the police have the resources to cut crime and deliver excellent neighbourhood policing.

“To ensure this happens the precept has increased by a few pence a week and I can assure residents that all the money raised will go straight to Northumbria Police to support the work it does to keep our communities safe.”

The bill amounts to an extra £1.72 a year for a Band D property taking it to £88.33.