Police curb motorbike speeders

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POLICE in an area of Northumberland are tackling a speeding issue identified by local residents.

Officers from the East Tynedale Neighbourhood Policing Team have received a number of complaints from people about speeding on the A696 road, which runs through Ponteland and Belsay.

Their concerns are mainly around motorbike riders, particularly at weekends.

To tackle the problem, officers are going to be carrying out high profile operations on weekends at different sections of the road.

Police will be setting up static check points and monitoring the speeds of passing motorists and motor patrols officers on duty in the area will be stopping those who speed.

Large warning signs and interactive signs have also been put up to remind motorists of speed limits and the dangers of speeding.

East Tynedale Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Oates said: “The community raised speeding as a priority in the area and we’re doing something about it.

“The signs and high visibility patrols are aimed at educating drivers, especially motorcycle riders, and trying to make them think about their speed.

“Our presence not only acts as a visible deterrent to drivers and riders, it also allows us to educate and warn them about the dangers of exceeding the speed limit.

“We want road users to drive within the speed limits, drive responsibly and respect other motorists.”

Officers will be running the speed check operations throughout the summer months.

Anyone who would like information about safer driving or on any aspect of policing in East Tynedale can contact their Neighbourhood Team on 03456 043043 – extension 69191 – or email easttynedale.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk